Find a CCTV drainage surveyor for your project
Find a CCTV drainage surveyor for your project
Keep your project in good hands by using UDEX Connect to find vetted CCTV drainage surveyor.
What is a CCTV drainage surveyor?
What is a CCTV drainage surveyor?

In order to check whether or not your project will run into any drainage issues, a Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) survey will need to be carried out. Your surveyor will use a special camera to check on the condition and placement of your pipes before any construction takes place.

At UDEX, we arrange CCTV surveys on behalf of our customers, charging £350 for the process.

Do I need to commission a CCTV drainage survey?
Do I need to commission a CCTV drainage survey?
What is UDEX Connect?
What is UDEX Connect?

As the leading residential architect in the UK, we’ve helped thousands of people extend up and down the country. And because we want nothing but the best for our homeowners, we make sure they’re in safe hands throughout their journey.

Our Connect service not only introduces you to vetted onsite professionals, but we’ll also guide you through the tendering process. We can provide you with expertise on everything from quotes, insurance, to payment plans. With UDEX, there’s never been a safer way to build.

The Connect process
Express interest
Let us know that you’re interested
Prepare drawings
Whether using UDEX drawings or your own, these are required for accurate quotations.
Receive quotes
You’ll receive quotes in your UDEX dashboard, with full profiles of professionals to review.
Review and select
Select the supplier you feel best matches your requirement, and we’ll arrange the rest.
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Get quotes from Building Contractors
Provide a few details about your project to receive accurate quotations
Describe the requirements of your project
What should we know about your project?
Only the very best

Who you trust to build your project is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. That’s why we want to make sure you’re making your selection from the best tradespeople on the market.
Our team has been in the business for nearly 20 years, meaning we know how to spot the best from the rest. We vet all our recommended professionals, as well as showing you how to perform your own checks, so you have the knowledge to keep your home protected.

What is UDEX Connect?
Avoid the cowboys
Our experts can help you spot any dodgy practices, protecting you form rogue traders. We’ll match you with professionals we’ve worked with before, offering a proven track record and thorough vetting
No extra cost
Our Connect introduction service comes at zero cost to you - you only pay for the service the professional provides. Share your requirements for free and start to receive trusted quotes right away.
Free advice & guidance
We’ll walk you through the quotes professionals and specialists provide. Rather than sifting through hundreds of quotes, we’ll recommend a selection that is perfect for you and your project.
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