Rahimi Residence Izmir

On a gentle slope that descends 5 to 6 feet from west to east, our lively clients (Mr. and Mrs. Rahimi) and their kids decided to spend their summer holidays in a modern new place, taking full advantage of the beauty, uniqueness, view, spaciousness and privacy provided by a large plot.
The slightly elevated main level of the house contains the living room, dining room, kitchen and bedroom. All glass leads to the covered outdoor terrace, deck and plunge pool, along the north-facing rear terrace, and the front house (south-facing). In addition, the glass cladding is protected from the sun by the shading layer of the cladding material, and the oak tree can be unobstructed without sacrificing street privacy.

Collaborator: Mauve Constructions

Izmir, Turkey
Ali Rahimi
Saam Kaviani